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Consultation and mediation in the field of the high-quality furniture industry;

Sales,  Marketing and project support for the outstanding collections edra, fast spa and mdf Italia /Acerbis, LUIZ



A constant commitment to craftsmanship that achieves a structural quality that could never be achieved with purely industrial manufacturing. A company that does not fit into the design category because it realizes authentic author projects. First of all, sofas and armchairs, but also tables, chairs, wardrobes and lamps that fit into both contemporary homes and ancient residences.

A collection that transcends the boundaries of art with products that are now "historical", destined to retain their characteristics and always endure.

Edra's products are in the collections of the most important international museums of contemporary art and they are representatives of Italian excellence on occasions such as the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games in South Korea.

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Perfection. Precision. efficiency. Unique comfort. Products that cannot be assigned to any era or fad. This is edra.

The Italian manufacturer mdf Italia stands for elegant and unique furniture design without unnecessary details.

Always in search of pure simplicity, the brand perfectly reflects the essence of the ideal furniture.


The success of mdf Italia is the ability to represent contemporary culture, to recognize the housing needs of an audience that is cosmopolitan, cultured, sophisticated, selective and open to current design trends. 


mdf Italia creates design furniture with a universal aesthetic, with an essential and timeless style that expresses the close connection between design and functionality.


The compatibility of the individual product lines with each other and the combination of the simplicity of the furniture with all contemporary furnishing styles set no limits to the creative combination options.


fast Outdoor lifestyle - design furniture that makes life in the open air more beautiful and is characterized by a strong personality and functional comfort.

Fast Outdoor lifestyle - according to its own statement, perfectly expresses the aim of the brand, namely to create design furniture that makes life in the open air more beautiful and is characterized by a strong personality and functional comfort.


30 years of experience in the field of aluminum production have resulted in collections that break with the concept of traditional furniture.  This is how one of the icons was born in 2007, namely the 'Forest' collection, which is one of the company's bestsellers is owned and arose from the partnership with designers Robby and Francesca Cantarutti.

Sustainability, lasting value and contemporary design make the furniture from fast a perfect companion for hotels, restaurants and private use.


The passion for beauty, the love for exclusive materials and the desire to give discerning customers their personal sense of home motivates our family business Luiz in the third generation.

We have been producing fine home textiles at the highest level in our in-house factory for over 50 years: Homewear made in Germany for bed, table and bathroom, for private luxury and upscale hospitality.

Individual pieces with special details are created in elaborate and loving handwork. Shape, colour, size, material - the individual ideas of our customers are always implemented to measure.